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About me

Thanks for taking the time to check out my corner of the internet.

I’ve discovered the art of storytelling requires three key elements: curiosity, attention to detail, and adaptability. With curiosity, you constantly question what’s around you; you Google stuff constantly, jumping down the rabbit hole into the internet’s universe of information. For me, it often leads to deeper questions. But without attention to detail, one’s curiosity is useless: why worry about one issue when you can dig deeper to find the nuggets of information that deliver insights? And finally, storytelling requires agility and adaptability. In today’s multi-platform environment, one cannot linger on using any one medium more than any other.

As I rounded out my experience in The City College of New York’s Branding & Integrated Communications program, the convergence of all three storytelling elements will lead me to many opportunities in future. With my background in journalism, most recent professional experience with one of the pioneers in digital sports media, and new skills from graduate school, I believe I can deliver insights that connect with stakeholders at all levels.