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My duties and responsibilities expanded during the 2012 season. During training camp in Albany, NY, I began working as a tape operator and b-roll editor for “Giants Training Camp Live”, a daily half-hour show streamed live on featuring fan calls, features, and analysis of the team’s activity in training camp. I was also responsible for keeping the normal PA duties running smoothly – so altogether my Albany experience was a lot of work but a lot of fun! Once we returned to East Rutherford, we produced three live shows for MSG Networks similar to GTCL where once again I served as tape operator and b-roll editor. From there, we were ready to tackle the season much like the team emerging from training camp – many of us had “won” our roles thanks to our work performance in training camp.

Our “opening night” came fast and furious with the Giants opening the season on a Wednesday night against the Cowboys at Metlife Stadium. The week prior, in addition to my duties as a production assistant and editor, I began serving as primary Giants content “liason” for Tupelo-Honey Raycom’s Giants pregame show, “Opening Drive Live” on MSG Networks. My contact at Tupelo provided me a list of footage and soundbite needs each week based on the upcoming opponent and Giants news/topics. In addition, we established a routine amount of footage to provide each week regardless of the opponent – NFL Films footage, footage from “our” cameras, and whatever footage I would cut for our weekly shows.

I worked directly on two half-hour Giants Entertainment weekly live shows, “Giants Press Conference Live” and “Big Blue Hits”. “GPCL” aired all of Coach Coughlin’s Wednesday press conference live to MSG Networks with the next two show blocks dedicated to discussing Giants news and previewing the upcoming opponent. “BBH” featured a Giants player for two segments answering fan phone calls, social media interaction, and further news/opponent analysis streamed live on and later archived to Verizon Fios through web FTP. For each show, I served as tape operator in the control room, rolling in b-roll, opens and closes, music tracks, features, and non-revenue commercials.

I feel my work greatly improved with each show I worked on as the season progressed. In week 7, Tupelo-Honey asked me to assist with the production of the official hour-long Giants postgame show airing on Channel 9 (My9) . I served as a quality assurance for graphics – essentially checking to make sure everything was correct and “official” before making air. When the Giants played at Washington on Monday Night Football, Tupelo asked me to assist with footage ingest and b-roll editing. This was a fun, exciting role as we had lots to coordinate in a very short period of time!

In addition to my new duties for 2012, my daily production assistant tasks included:

  1. Ingesting, editing, and outputting press conferences or “media avails” (short for media availability) with coaches or players to
  2. We’re also responsible for shooting, editing, and posting features such as “Giants Insiders”, “Eisen’s Mailbag”, “Preview Report”, and other sponsored elements. On average, these packages run between three and six minutes in length and often include soundbites and highlight b-roll.
  3. Each Friday during the season, I ensured delivery of “Giants Access Blue” and “Giants Online” to
  4. Assisting with crew duties – namely, helping assemble or break down sets. Utmost care was always needed when handling backdrops, lighting, and cameras.
  5. Archiving footage shot during the season. This may sound tedious, but it’s an extremely important task and certainly an assignment I took seriously. I began archiving all sideline footage (video shot behind the bench at each game) and pregame warmups or pep talks onto XDCam disks. This system should hopefully be accessed easily for future production assistants or producers seeking footage of the 2011-12 season. Our “library” of internal footage is enormous, and having an accessible system for archiving makes life much easier.

These are just a few of the many tasks I’ve handled as a part of the Giants broadcast team. It’s a fluid, constantly-changing position!

Posted on: May 14, 2012, by : Brian Mortensen

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