Oscar Health

Quick Summary:  The complicated world of health insurance can be even more challenging for an individual exploring on federal or state exchanges. Oscar Health looks to make that an easier process through its innovative use of mobile technology and cost comparisons available to subscribers. And if you live in New York or New Jersey, you can’t help but notice its friendly, colorful imaging that very clearly seeks to change the conversation around health insurance. This case study examines the stages of consideration, research, purchase, evaluation/endorsement, and renewal. It also takes a look at the health insurance market in New York State and the attitudes of the industry’s most coveted target, millennials.





Oscar Health optimizes its use of social and mobile media tech but faces stiff competition to grab the millennial health care buyer on super-competitive public health exchanges.


The questions: How does its media use help Oscar’s growth? How does it fit with the consumer decision journey?


The Target: Older millennials aged 25-34 who are buying health care on the public health exchanges.










The Results

Oscar saw its enrollment almost double from 2014 to the end of 2015, acquiring more than 100,000 customers by the end of open enrollment. Its entries into Texas and New Jersey were successful thanks to its pricing and advertising that appealed to those markets’ diverse audiences. Oscar is well on its way to achieving its long-stated goal to reach one million enrollments within five years. And for its customers, Oscar is transforming the health care experience by finally bringing together tech and data to create healthier lives and better patient outcomes.

Key Takeaways

The health insurance industry HAD a great thing going for a long time. No change was needed, and it could coast without innovation while adding layers upon layers of unnecessary bureaucracy. As technology improved, the industry didn’t keep up. Now, with the ACA’s mandates, the most agile and customer-facing insurers have become the premier options for buyers on the individual markets. The ACA and Oscar brought much-needed disruption and innovation to the scene, but whether the competition matches their output remains to be seen.