New York Water Taxi

Quick Summary: The New York Water Taxi is a speedy boat tour company based in, you guessed it, New York City. While the company operates some minor commuter routes, the majority of its boats travel around the city catering to tourists visiting the Statue of Liberty or seeking a scenic river tour of the New York skyline. Commissioned to simply come up with a creative campaign for the New York Water Taxi, my group formulated a homegrown insight and used our own experiences as well as qualitative research to craft several executions we believed would overcome New Yorkers’ misconceptions about the NYWT.


The Strategic Communications Objective:


Convince New Yorkers to look at their city and see it in a brand-new way.


The conversations


“For when I want to treat myself.”

“When I feel like taking the scenic route.” 


“For when I don’t want to feel like a sewer rat.” 

The Insight

New Yorkers love New York, but every once in a while, they need to step back and take a break to remember why they love it.

The Concept

“New York is Tough. Remember why you love it.”

The Media Strategy

Meet New Yorkers at their moment of tough – at the city’s everyday, ugly locales.

Utilize 2-dimensional content (magazine, newspaper, out-of-home) in places New Yorkers are forced to frequent by nature of their commutes, jobs, and shopping.






The Timing


The Pricing

print_pricing outofhome_pricing

The Metrics

Circle back to our insight: get people to think of the New York Water Taxi as a way they can experience the city they love in a whole new light. To do that, we should focus on a few key metrics:

  • Top of Mind awareness among outdoor NYC activities

  • Web traffic/Google results

  • Social engagement

  • And last, but not least, passenger embarkments



Our campaign would look to extend to utilizing this 30-second broadcast spot, targeted at the true New Yorker who watches local network television as well as highly social, localized live sports events like the Mets and Yankees.


Key Takeaways

In a city like New York, “Old” media, such as out of home and 2D, is just as effective, if not more effective, than newer outlets with less proven metrics. Considering the audience for the strategy is the key for a brand like the New York Water Taxi. Creating resonance through strong creative while catching a proven number of eyeballs at strategic locations would deliver an effective salvo from the Water Taxi’s bows.