Multimedia Producer Work

Since joining the team in late February of 2013, I’ve had some of my most enjoyable professional experiences as a gamenight “preditor”. The basics: I’ve been producing and editing five to ten unique highlight packages and specialty “reels” per game. In addition, I write and research shot sheets and scripts, and monitor in-game trends […]

Giants Editing and Production Work

    My duties and responsibilities expanded during the 2012 season. During training camp in Albany, NY, I began working as a tape operator and b-roll editor for “Giants Training Camp Live”, a daily half-hour show streamed live on featuring fan calls, features, and analysis of the team’s activity in training camp. I was […]

Big 12 Stories

Here are a few of the stories I’ve put together for…

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“This Automated Life” – a Webby Talk Artificial Intelligence – AI – What’s the future for it? What’s happening now? Will robots and computers eventually begin to understand all of our personal preferences and make decisions for us? Some of these changes – some ominous, some pleasant – are already happening, affecting areas like commerce, culture, […]

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Coffee talks – Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts on mobile I’ll openly admit I’m a coffee addict. While I’ve taken to mainly making my own at home with Chock Full O’Nuts’ delightful “New York Roast”, I’m out and about enough to where I’ll occasionally stop in to a Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, or one of the many […]

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The Grand Tour Season 2 – Amazon’s three “monkeys” return The Grand Tour, an Amazon Prime original show featuring the entertaining trio of middle-aged British car reviewers Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond will see the premiere of its second season this coming Saturday. With Amazon shelling out a reported $1.2 million to $4.9 […]

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What I learned in one semester of grad school, and why you should go back to school If anyone considers going to grad school while working full-time, I wholeheartedly say go for it. As a working professional, you get used to a routine – 8am-5pm, for instance, or for those of us working in sports […]

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2014: Year in Review 2014 Year in Review As I wrote on Facebook on New Year’s Eve, I’m not sure I’ve worked harder than I have in 2014, but the rewards have been sweet. The year started out with my work life at a standstill. I was getting about 20 hours a week at […]

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It’s been a while. Wow. It’s been too long since I’ve written on here, but rest assured, I’m back. Life is exciting. After spending two seasons with the New York Football Giants and two seasons with MLB Advanced Media’s Gamenight staff, my professional work has been steady and improving. I’m now in graduate school in […]

Sports Anchoring

Anchoring at KOMU-TV in Columbia, MO and for the Big 12 Report, a weekly video show with highlights and analysis on