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Sports Broadcasting

Education bubble?

Saw an interesting story out there floated by various economists and think-tanks stating the next “bubble” of economic collapse will come from the higher education industry (and believe me, it’s an industry, as evidenced by my $340 monthly payment to Citibank Student Loans)… From Tech Crunch’s article by Sarah Lacy: “Instead, for Thiel, the bubble […]

The next step?

So it’s been months since I’ve posted on here. No surprise, as the hosting expired and I had to renew the domain name in February. But now that my Big 12 internship is approaching its conclusion (ending late June) I’m beginning to look for my next opportunity, where ever it may be. I’d love to […]

BCS ramblings

I know it’s always been trendy and cool to bash the BCS, but I’ve always liked the system on its premise. I’m one of the few people out there NOT in favor of a playoff. Critics need to realize when the BCS was created in 1998, fans were tired of having dual/shared national championships – […]

Loving the Big 12

Long story short, I left Palm Springs after the Big 12 Conference offered me the 1-year internship/co-op position of “Internet Services Assistant” in June. I started on July 1st and it’s been an absolute joy. It really doesn’t feel like work at all. The hours are very low-stress, usually 8 to 5 unless I have […]

wow, it’s really been a long time

Graduation – an emotional yet exciting day. The family really enjoyed the trip to Columbia from NJ via Kansas City, and I’m glad they got a good taste of where I’d spent 4 years of my life. I won’t lie – I shed quite a few tears the day before my departure. Saying goodbye to […]

an end of an era…not quite…but sort of

“Sony is going to stop making 3.5 inch floppy disks next year. The ubiquitous disks (mailed out seemingly dozens of times per household from AOL) went into production 30 years ago, back when they represented a major uptick in storage and convenience. Crunchgear reports that demand for the discs peaked 15 years ago, but Sony […]

my favorite time of the year

Despite the absurd amount of rain this weekend, I still love this time of the year. Baseball is now officially in full swing. I have something to look forward to every day – even if it’s my lame-o Mets, shockingly winners of 3 in a row and now back to .500. MLBTV is one of […]

Google to Columbia

So there’s been quite a bit of publicity lately over Google choosing a city to make as a host site for its uber-fast fiber connection. You can check out the extent to which some cities are going from this story by my colleague Alex Rozier. On paper, it sounds like a great idea. It’d be […]

HS Coverage rolling along

So I think we’ve done a tremendous job so far with Will and I have done almost all the work on the site as far as content and posts. This past week, we had 2 local teams playing in Union, roughly an hour and a half drive from Columbia. Since Will was shooting the […]

A day in the 100 Acre Wood

I covered the Rally of The 100 Acre Wood this past weekend, and boy, it was a great time. I’m lucky I got the chance to do it – back in mid-January, Eric Blumberg, KOMU’s assistant sports director, asked if anyone knew about rally racing after he received an email from a viewer asking if […]