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Following up…

I’ve been brewing the story for several weeks – the autistic kid who works at Gerbes and uses his paycheck to help his family buy groceries. I went to the Gerbes yesterday and asked the supervisor when he’s working next – on the condition that I was doing a story on him. I know it’s sketchy to show up and ask when someone’s working! He’s scheduled to work tomorrow afternoon, so it’ll be perfect if I can get some video of him at work, then go to his house and interview his parents and get some video there. Obviously, I’ll need to interview him too – thankfully I have the camera for an overnight, so I’ll have plenty of time to interview him. A news angle of this? Not much – like my last package, this is oriented more towards human-interest. But I think as I talk to the family, there might be something I can tie in – for instance, the amount of children/teenagers who are autistic or how people in Mid-Mo could have support networks in place for people with autism.

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