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The Grand Tour Season 2 – Amazon’s three “monkeys” return

The Grand Tour, an Amazon Prime original show featuring the entertaining trio of middle-aged British car reviewers Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond will see the premiere of its second season this coming Saturday. With Amazon shelling out a reported $1.2 million to $4.9 million per episode, money is clearly no object as the online giant seeks to compete with Netflix in the battle for dominance in video streaming. The image below has been plastered on various Amazon properties over the last few months, as the monkey’s antics in its ads seek to push the comedic qualities possessed by Clarkson/May/Hammond.

Season 2 of The Grand Tour continues its “monkey” business in promotions

With such an enormous budget on-hand, Amazon has been promoting Season 2 of The Grand Tour quite heavily on several digital platforms. Its YouTube channel regularly posts teasers and original shorts to promote the new season. Here, the trio look to former Formula 1 driver Mark Webber to become their new “guest driver”.

On Instagram, The Grand Tour has used both funny behind the scenes-type pictures as well as video shorts highlighting some of the best moments of the previous season.

@BritishGQ TV Personalities of the Year? How did that happen? #GQAwards #TheGrandTour

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The Grand Tour’s out of home advertising has also started to ramp up in recent days. For example, billboards, subway posters, and Routemaster ads have sprouted up throughout New York City and London.

 [this example is from 2016, but the new season’s ads are used in these same subway platform frames]

Awesome, saw this ad for the Grand Tour in tge Subway in New York #newyorkcity #newyork #thegrandtour #newyorksubway

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I have not watched enough network or cable TV to see whether traditional 30-60 second television ads have been in the equation for Amazon to promote Season 2, but they most certainly were as part of its buildup for Season 1. I can recall plenty of Grand Tour ads during football games (hello, males 18-34!) last year as well as other prime-time programming.

With The Grand Tour’s release format going the route of a traditional week by week distribution instead of mass episode posting a la House of Cards, Amazon and Clarkson/May/Hammond will have more content to share throughout The Grand Tour’s social platforms each day as teasers and ICYMIs, for example. The show’s action-packed format lends itself more to digesting separately in 60-something minute meals instead of heavy binges popular with other streaming-only series. I’ll be curious to see how viewers react to the new season – I know I’ll be watching!

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