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Selling out, or staying on the curve?

I was very anti-Twitter for a long time, and to an extent I still think it’s dumb. But I created an account and I’ve spent some time on it. It’s okay, I feel I’ve seen bigger technological or social networking breakthroughs (Facebook, to me, is still king), but I understand the reality we’re in where everyone needs to know what’s going on at all times. I feel like I’ve sold out and lost some of my personality (i.e. being original and against the popular thing), but at the same time, it’s interesting. I can’t knock it anymore!

I’d say in the last 24 hours I’ve overhauled my internet accessibility:

I’m creating a Flickr account now – should I upgrade to the bigger account? I have a lot more pictures I’d like to put online. I like how the pictures seem to be optimized. The quality is a lot better than Facebook’s picture area.

I updated my KOMU Social Networking page. I’d like to see that area grow – it’d be nice to get more viewers on there and interact with them more.

I’ve added a Twitter feed to this page, as well as KOMU headlines.

A week ago I acquired a Blackberry. Since then, I’ve added the Facebook app and synced it with my contacts, so those with Facebook have their profile pictures show up on their contact page. I’ve also synced the Blackberry with Blogger and Twitter, so I can update stuff from the road. Long overdue, I guess.