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A jarring crime

Someone in the Sedalia area thought it would be cool to steal a donation jar from a convenience store, the Cork’N Bottle. The jar was meant for the family of Diana Bryce, an employee of the Cork’N Bottle who passed away suddenly a few days before. Security camera video showed the man enter the store, ask the clerk for minnows (live bait), and as the clerk had her back turned, he grabs the jar and runs out the door. I heard about this on the Sedalia Democrat’s website after noticing it was one of the most-viewed/emailed/commented articles on its site. I figured it’d be a good story since no one in Columbia had covered it, and it would be a definite gawker/”Oh my God, how terrible” story. Of course, I considered finding the family of the woman, but I felt that might be too sensationalistic or intrusive for a sensitive time. But, we were able to make the story work with an interview with a woman from the Cork’N Bottle and a Sedalia Police Detective. When I met the detective, she told me she’d be able to give me a copy of the security camera video, which was fantastic for the story because it showed how dastardly and despicable the man could be – his body language when stealing the jar demonstrated he clearly wanted it and had every intention of spending the money from the jar. It also seemed like he knew he was doing something wrong by running out of the store. In retrospect, I’m shocked at how dumb this guy was too – the security cameras are quite visible within the store, and he’s a moron for stealing it in plain sight of the cameras. I think it was fair on our part to call it a “cowardly” crime – unless there are extreme extenuating circumstances, everyone agrees that it’s not right to steal a donation jar. This was a really easy story to write, and with a long ride back from Sedalia I had plenty of time to think of what I wanted to use.

I had no idea when I got back to the station that I was supposed to do an on-set. It didn’t go well because my mic was not cued in the booth. It cut into time I would have liked to use to write/cut/voice my package. But altogether I was happy with my shift. The 5 and 6 story aired in the A block, while the 10 vo/sot aired in the B block.

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