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End of B3?

Well, B3 is technically over, but not literally. I still have to do my HFR and the last “interview” paper. I’m at a bit of a loss over my HFR – no one has called me back or returned my emails, and I’m getting annoyed because time is ticking by. I want to get most of it done by the time I leave for NJ on Thursday afternoon. I left a message with a man who owns a truck running on biodiesel, and emailed Mike Kehoe, who mentioned the “Cash for Clunkers” program when I interviewed him a few weeks ago. I think tomorrow (Wednesday) I’m going to start calling other people about it since clearly these sources are not really cooperating. As for the paper, I’ve emailed 5 reporters in other markets about interviewing them, and no one has emailed me back yet. Granted, I sent 2 tonight and 3 about a week ago, but I’m out on a limb here waiting for people to get back to me. So it goes in Journalism. I’m also out on a limb financially waiting for KOMU to pay me back for all that gas money I’ve put into the Scions!!! 🙂

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