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November update

This is the 1st Friday I’ve been free since the start of the semester! I’ve shot football games just about every Friday night, and with high school football just about over, I’m pretty much free now on Friday nights. I’m gearing up for a trip to Manhattan, Kansas tomorrow for Mizzou’s game against the Kansas State Wildcats. This will be my 2nd road trip (3rd if you count the Illinois game) for Mizzou football, and I’ve shot every game except for Nevada. It’s been a blast to shoot all the Mizzou games, despite the disappointing record and tough home losses. I can honestly say I’ve shot in all weather conditions this season – from torrential rain and cold during the Nebraska game, to warm and humid during Bowling Green and Furman, and plain ol’ chilly during the Oklahoma State game. Tomorrow looks to be in the 50s and overcast, so it should be comfortable. Meanwhile, producing sports has gone well. I’ve definitely improved since I began. It’s VERY easy – much easier than I thought. I’ve even gotten to the point to where I think “Hey, this isn’t so bad, I could do this for a living” until I realize it’s still not the greatest place to be. But hey, at least I’ve gotten some experience in it and had some fun with it.

I noticed my last update came after the Nebraska game. I traveled to Oklahoma State the next weekend to shoot the game down there – also really cool but a disappointing result again. I was greatly impressed with the quality of Boone Pickens Stadium – insanely nice overall. The attention to detail is immaculate – everything from deluxe catered meals for the media to OSU engraved elevator buttons. Clearly, ol’ Boone is sinking money into his namesake’s building, and I can definitely see the results. However, I thought the crowd would be a lot louder than it was – perhaps because the stadium’s capacity is around 55,000 – but after experiencing OU in 2007 I expected the same outrageous decibel level in Stillwater. It only got really loud after Gabbert’s pick-6 and OSU’s TD towards the end of the 1st half. Their student section seemed into the game the whole time, and their odd paddles certainly made a lot of noise. But, I can definitely say Boone Pickens Stadium, while VERY nice and luxurious, is not nearly as tough to play in as I’d expected.

I’m curious to see if Bill Snyder Family Stadium is any more hostile! I’ll be sure to take plenty of pictures and such of the journey. Will Maetzold and Brandon Spiegel are joining me on this trip – Maetzold hitching a ride and covering it for, Spiegel also with KOMU.

Check out my Youtube for some of my packages – here’s an embedded link.

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