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Post-B2 Lecture Rant on “New Media”

I’m all for advancing good storytelling through all forms of media – be they broadcast, radio, internet, and social networking. But I have a beef with Twitter. It’s one thing to use Facebook to share your “status”, personal info, pictures, etc to relevant friends or acquantences. But Twitter is essentially a worthless text tool for people whose attention spans require them to check their cell phones every 3 minutes and send a text saying @BRIAN “I’m sitting on the toilet!” or @BRIAN “I JUST DRANK A GLASS OF WATER!!”

What’s the purpose of referring to yourself as @___?

I might be stuck in 2004 when the mainstream Verizon cell phone didn’t have all these newfangled goodies like nationwide internet access, touch screens, and applications. I refuse to get a Blackberry and I regret the 2 weeks I spent with an Iphone over the summer of 08. To me, there’s a distinct personal line that comes with a cell phone, and I don’t enjoy sharing my every move with other people. Maybe I’ll be forced to get a Twitter account – I won’t welcome it, I won’t enjoy it, and I certainly don’t look forward to it. But at the end of the day, it’s part of the “new media” and I accept that some find it useful.

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  1. brianjosephlewis wrote:


    @_______ is syntax used to alert readers that it’s a public comment addressed primarily to one other tweep. So, if I tweeted at you, I’d say “@BRIAN, dude, we have the same first name!”. That way others could jump in, if they have something to add, also it lets people know who you are actively tweeting with, and they can click on the @’ed tweep to see what their feed looks like. It’s the HTML representation of a cocktail party – meeting people based upon snippets of overheard conversation.

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