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Using “Foursquare”

So far this semester I’ve joined a few new social media sites recommended by Jen. I’ve begun to use Foursquare often, and I really like it. It’s a very interesting way to map place and coordinate a group “sense of place” among individual people. I use the term “sense of place” because I took a class on Native American Geography last semester and one of the topics was how a “sense of place” – its culture, atmosphere, environment, surroundings, etc. – can vary by individual viewpoint. Foursquare is a really interesting way to navigate it, and I’ve found it really useful for sharing location. I love maps and travel, so for instance, this 4-day weekend I took with my family allowed me to test Foursquare outside of Columbia, and for the most part it was really cool. I was surprised to see Newport, RI had few locations within Foursquare, but outside of it, there were plenty. I even checked in while at a wine tasting with my family! Among well-traveled places like airports, tons of locations showed up in my check-in options. Choices were specific enough to delineate places like “Newark Airport Terminal B Gate 40” or “Memphis Airport Starbucks Terminal A”, which I found really cool. Additionally, I find it interesting how “checking in” shows you among other people – so when I checked in at Newark on Foursquare, it said 2 other people had checked in at the same place very recently. I’ve found this social media site is really a cool way to map not just your location but to share your location – and share that moment of journey or geographic similarity.

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