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“Goin’ to Kansas City. Kansas City here I come…”

I PA’d the Kansas/Missouri baseball game last night at Kauffman, and it was awesome. We arrived in time to really take in the stadium and walk around all the nooks and crannies not usually seen by the average fan. I hung [hanged?] out for a while on the field and in the dugout before the game, which was pretty wild. I took a walk around the warning track and took in the whole stadium – I loved how you can feel the spray of the fountains in the outfield on the warning track. The walls are also MUCH higher than at Busch – I got the sense you’d need to have a pretty high vertical (Endy Chavez-ability) to rob a home run at Kauffman. You can also get the sense of why I like Kauffman a lot better in that the seating areas are stacked much closer to the field than at Busch – overall a better experience for the average fan because even in the upper deck it feels you’re right on top of the action (much like the old Yankee Stadium), whereas at Busch it feels you’re a mile away from the field.

Eventually I made my way up to the control room to hang out and get ready to PA the game. I met Mike McCartney, the PA voice of the Royals and voiceover artist who voices most of the Royals radio and TV commercials. I have to say, he’s the man. I talked to him for a good 15-20 minutes about doing the PA at Kauffman, and just the overall experience of working there, and it was really cool. He eventually left and went down to the stands to watch the game with his son as I did the PA for the whole game. Calling the game was tremendous because it seemed the acoustics are much better at Kauffman – or at least I liked the headset microphone because of its fixed distance to pick up my voice. I didn’t have to lean one way or the other to get emphasis on a particular syllable like I usually have to at Taylor Stadium or even at Busch. It felt a lot like doing a high school basketball game in how my voice reverberated and echoed. I particularly liked being able to hear myself in the headset – that really was cool because I could hear how much of a particular word I was actually saying, and if the pitch changes in my voice made much of a difference in how it sounded.

While Mizzou ended up losing 1-0 in a great pitchers’ duel, it was awesome to PA. The people working behind the scenes were way more laid back and cool to work with than the folks at Busch, and they gave me a lot more to read, i.e. the hot dog race, conference standings, and top-25 standings in addition to just lineups and such. Of course it was awesome to meet Mike McCartney too! Pictures below…

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