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The next step?

So it’s been months since I’ve posted on here. No surprise, as the hosting expired and I had to renew the domain name in February. But now that my Big 12 internship is approaching its conclusion (ending late June) I’m beginning to look for my next opportunity, where ever it may be. I’d love to stay in the Big 12 “footprint” (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas) because I have lots of friends/acquaintances/professional contacts inside said footprint, especially in the video/internet/broadcast/media realms. And believe me, I love the energy and enthusiasm people have around here for the Big 12 schools. It’s been awesome to get a dose of the Big 12 “South” alumni and fans in Texas after spending four years in Missouri. So in terms of work atmosphere and passion for the “cause” of Big 12 sports, this is a fantastic location as I’m sure the “hubs” of other big D-1 conferences are too, such as Kansas City (Big 12), Chicago (Big Ten), Atlanta (SEC), Charlotte (ACC), and New York (Big East).

Yet, I feel a calling to return to the East Coast where most of my family is. It’s hard to put a price tag on seeing loved ones often, and I know I’ve missed out on a lot of birthdays, holidays, family gatherings, etc. in my years away from home. So that’s what is on my mind as I begin to look for a “real” job…

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