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Car Chronicles and Newsgathering 2/13

So I’m sitting in the Albert Honda waiting area to get my state inspection. For my last story, I REALLY wanted a nat sound bite of the old lady using the intercom to page and saying “KEVIN WILHITE, PICK UP LINE 4” or “ERIC CRONACHER, PICK UP LINE 3”, “SALES, LINE 2”.

Anywho, I’m covering the “Erase Hate 5k” tomorrow for my second package. It should be a relatively easy package with plenty of action video and a good variety of voices to use. As far as newsgathering goes, I got an email about it with a PDF file with all the details. I’m on the LGBT listerv in addition to having a class where the professor sends out any multi-cultural events going on in Columbia.

The proceeds of the race go to benefit “The Center” project, which is an LGBT community center. The Center going to be in downtown Columbia. It’s significant because it’s the first of its kind in Mid-Missouri, and even more interesting because it’s not affiliated with any of the higher-education institutions in the area. It’ll be financed purely on donations and fundraising projects, so it’s quite ambitious. I have no vested interest in this because I don’t plan on ever going to The Center. It’s also an interesting take on the event to proclaim it a memorial for Lawrence King, a 15-year old victim of a hate crime in California. Since his death, there has been (at least from what I’ve read/watched) a large outcry for more anti-bullying and hate crimes protection laws. Missouri does not have laws to protect students in a situation like this.

The 5k starts at 11am at Stephens Lake Park, and later in the day is the Polar Bear Plunge at the very same location, so it’ll be fun to see if there are any early-arrivers for the Plunge. I wonder if anyone practices their “plunge” too into the lake?

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