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Long overdue update

Well, I’m now a sports reporter/producer at KOMU and despite it being MUCH less stressful than news, I am still at the station almost every day. I work live truck for the Monday/Wednesday morning show, and for the 5/6 on Tuesdays. It’s been a lot less stressful this semester working live truck, too. The early […]

Safety vs. Sexiness?

Let me preface this post by mentioning I have never singled anyone out for criticism via the internets or complained about anyone at KOMU. To do so would be unprofessional, rude, and immature. But my experience today left me so irked I have to put it in writing to gather others’ thoughts on it. I […]

Jefferson City Fires/Sedalia Parade

Well, I got back to the grind after a nice battery recharging in Hawaii. I went right to work on Wednesday and came in with some interesting ideas – including Marshall’s airport renovation plans, and the School of the Osage graduate who is now joining the astronaut program with NASA. None of them panned out, […]

“you’re not saving anybody’s life”

In our B3 meeting/lecture/roundtable yesterday (I call it that because it’s technically a lecture, but it’s so informal that it feels more like a meeting/roundtable) we discussed and viewed good/bad/ugly live shots. I may be on my own in this, but I think “going live for the sake of going live” is a good thing. […]

May 27 – Rummaging for a Story

I had a few interesting story ideas, but we couldn’t find a way to spin them into a story, so I began looking at something Jen suggested, which was a story on how a Boonville health clinic received an $80,000 grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health while its doctor was supposedly on probation with […]

Live Truck Shadow Shift: 1/26/09

I knew this shift would be interesting with snow expected in Mid-Missouri – it was only fitting that my guides for this shadow shift were assigned a winter-weather live shot at one of Columbia’s busiest roadway intersections. Kyle Seever was the driver and overall “live truck operator” while Candice Crawford reported. Setting up a live […]