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A day in the 100 Acre Wood

I covered the Rally of The 100 Acre Wood this past weekend, and boy, it was a great time. I’m lucky I got the chance to do it – back in mid-January, Eric Blumberg, KOMU’s assistant sports director, asked if anyone knew about rally racing after he received an email from a viewer asking if […]

a productive weekend of local sports

With the hope of adding more content to and, I went down to the station on Friday to take care of a bunch of stuff. First, I wanted to get as much video as possible from my news reporting days to post over on I looked for numerous news stories I reported […]

Twitter annoyance

I understand how useful it is. It really is – especially for going out to cover stuff and being able to let the station and our web site viewers or other Twitter users know what we’re covering. I like that. But I dunno if it’s just me, or what, but rarely do people talk to […]

Jumping into Fayette pool

Sorry, I’m posting this late, but life kinda caught up to me. I had a fun shift on Wednesday covering the Fayette city pool. It’s an extremely old, above-ground pool built in 1936 in serious need of renovations. I came in with a few other ideas, none of which were particularly interesting to me (1. […]

Taking the Task Force to Task

Yesterday I covered the first meeting of the Missouri Auto Jobs Task force in Jefferson City. I came into the station with a few weak ideas, my main one about the potential closing of “Lover’s Leap” at the Lake of the Ozarks. But, since the weather was so bizarre yesterday, Stacey and I agreed it […]

Cole Camp-ing: June 10

On Wednesday, I covered Cole Camp’s reaction to the triple homicide inside the home of the Luetjen family. I came into KOMU with 3 completely unrelated story ideas – I pitched the missing alligator story, the new Fulton vandalism, and a follow-up to the story I did in Glasgow over spring break. We were leaning […]

Tuberculosis comes through in the clutch

So yesterday, Monday, I pitched the story of a kid in Camdenton who won a car as a reward for his excellent attendance at Lake Career Technical Center. We decided to go with this story, so I called the LCTC and spoke with a woman who said she would pass along my info to the […]

“you’re not saving anybody’s life”

In our B3 meeting/lecture/roundtable yesterday (I call it that because it’s technically a lecture, but it’s so informal that it feels more like a meeting/roundtable) we discussed and viewed good/bad/ugly live shots. I may be on my own in this, but I think “going live for the sake of going live” is a good thing. […]

A jarring crime

Someone in the Sedalia area thought it would be cool to steal a donation jar from a convenience store, the Cork’N Bottle. The jar was meant for the family of Diana Bryce, an employee of the Cork’N Bottle who passed away suddenly a few days before. Security camera video showed the man enter the store, […]

Wi-fi jobs

On Monday, I reported on the Wi-Fi Sensors Inc. company’s announcement that it will buy a plant in Kirksville to begin manufacturing, you guessed it, wi-fi sensors. It’s big news for an area that has been hit hard lately by unemployment. While Adair County’s unemployment rate is lower than Missouri’s average, it has shot up […]