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Twitter annoyance

I understand how useful it is. It really is – especially for going out to cover stuff and being able to let the station and our web site viewers or other Twitter users know what we’re covering. I like that. But I dunno if it’s just me, or what, but rarely do people talk to […]


OK, so I’ve been using Twitter a lot since Friday when I opened my account. But I don’t understand what the hell any of these acronyms or special symbols do – I know what # and @ do, but what is RT?

Selling out, or staying on the curve?

I was very anti-Twitter for a long time, and to an extent I still think it’s dumb. But I created an account and I’ve spent some time on it. It’s okay, I feel I’ve seen bigger technological or social networking breakthroughs (Facebook, to me, is still king), but I understand the reality we’re in where […]